Hey there! I'm ManiYa.
I make videos and entertain people.
Check my social media stats below!
"Manitha Abeysiriwardana, otherwise popularly known as ‘ManiYa’ or ‘Kapila Undukapuchcha’ makes content related to entertainment, rant and vlogs. These include parodies, meme reviews, comedy skits, gameplays and much more. In early 2020, he won the Most Popular Upcoming YouTube channel award at the Raigam Social Media Awards 2019. Being a versatile content creator, he has gained a strong engaging audience over the time."
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YouTube is my main platform.
I upload videos here ranging from comedy to entertainment, and have the largest community when compared to the other platforms.

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Facebook has my second largest community. I have an engaging audience on my Facebook page. This page is used to backlink my YouTube videos and share memes.

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Even though my Instagram following is less, my account has considerable amount of organic reach and engagement. You can see it for yourself if you visit and have a look.

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I have recently got active on Twitter, and slowly getting used to its platform. If you want to reach
out to me, this is the best place since it's unsaturated.

Brands I have worked with:

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If you have a brand or a service and want to collaborate with me to promote it, contact me from below. If you want to inquire about something, please go ahead and contact me from below as well. Either send your mail directly to contact@maniya.net or use the Contact Form below.

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